Cabal Central

Cabal Central (Multi Genre) - United Kingdom

Cabal Central is a band formed in 2021 in Liverpool, UK, by two long-time friends, musicians Sean Delaney and Stu Shaw. For many years we said we would one day collaborate on music and finally the stars aligned in 2021 when we found ourselves with an abundance of previous creations in a stage of preproduction that would now become the focus of our attention. This started with our debut single in September 2021, ‘The Tempest’, followed by ‘Love Lane’ and ‘You Changed’.

Stu is an excellent all-round musician with a strong talent for explosive bass lines, punchy brass, captive electronic keys and deeply rich baritone vocals. Sean’s forte rests on widely contrasting vocal leads and harmonies, melodic rhythm and lead guitar-playing in addition to multilayered string arrangements. We work from a reciprocal understanding of ‘100 percent full trust, zero percent ego’ where ideas, concepts and sounds are created as freely as they are vetoed. We never fight over the pretty lady! We’re like 2 ugly brothers – we’re used to rejection! We just get on with it because we trust each other without reservation!

Our belief is that music created from the soul goes straight to the heart regardless of your location, age, gender, native language or preferred music genre. Our aim is to stimulate your ears and stir your emotions.

"You Changed" Single Review
The track begins right up with some uptempo Electronica energy mixed with oustanding melodies. The track then shifts into a more Alternative Rock feel in the one minute mark as the chorus takes over. The sound utilizes its Synth sound perfectly as it glides along effortlessly to create a wonderful wall of infectious and catchy tones. The two minute mark sees the track twist and turn with more varied sounds. The bridge slows things down for a bit before bursting right back up with soaring melodies to help close out the track in style.

Cabal Central's latest single showcases their multi-genre signature sound perfectly.