Drown Again

Drown Again (Rock) - Washington

There once was a story about the apocalypse and the four horse-riders roaming the earth as the harbingers of the Final Judgement. Some might say these riders got together again, and the cross-bearers have boarded their mighty flagship DROWN AGAIN. Armed to the teeth with mighty powerful sound, their guns are loaded and soon ready to fire in form of their upcoming new album – A journey into stomping rhythms, drums of thunder, melodies that will catch everyone’s attention and emotional tales being told about times of light and shadow, love and hate, life and death…

From the beautiful Pacific Northwest and the lush lands of the Emerald Isle, Drown Again is set to deliver some mind blowing music with their new album, titled “EMERGE”, bearing 11 new tracks, produced by award winning producer and vocalist Rob Mancini. Frank Blair on guitars, Erik Lundquist on bass and Jason Blessing on drums fulfilling the line up and reinforcing Drown Again’s claim to fame and ambition to conquer even bigger ground.