From The Depths Entertainment January 2019 Playlist

Our new January 2019 playlist is here and kicks off the new year right with explosive new music.


1. Pretty City - "Flying" (Melbourne, Australia)
2. Westwood - "Black River" (Chicago, Illinois)
3. We Are Parkas - "Catch Me Out" (Bristol, United Kingdom)
4. Vermont - "Flat Earth" (Cincinnati, Ohio)
5. Choir Of Babble - "Not In My Kingdom You Don't" (Macon Georgia)
6. O'K and the Night Crew - "Purple Cloud" (Hartford, Connecticut)
7. Embracing The Enemy - "Release" (West Lafayette, Indiana)
8. Blackcat Manor - "Hats Off To You" (Freeport, Illinois)
9. Psycho Visions - "Dream My Son" (Rzeszow, Poland)
10. Unknown Toxin - "With You" (Dallas, Texas)
11. Moment To Capitalize - "Upstate" (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
12. Auslander - "Fallout" (Odessa, Texas)
13. Condemn The World - "Secrets" (Red Valley, Arizona)
14. The Aftergreens - "I Guess It's Time To Grow Up" (Minneapolis, Minnesota)