The Undaclass

The Undaclass (Punk n Roll) - England

The Undaclass are a Punk band from the North East of England and made their first appearance on the “Anger Burning Presents: Noise Annoys 1” 7 inch originally, with the track “U.K.”. Two years on and after a line-up change, they have released their debut album “A Bitter Taste Of Britain”, containing twelve tracks of no-nonsense and politically aware Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll, fusing the 1977 spirit with elements of Motorhead thrown in for good measure. It’s a tuneful yet powerful mix indeed and with work already started on their second album, we are going to see a lot more of them for sure! The band are a trio, consisting of Denni on guitars and vocals, Paul on bass and backing vocals and Sean on drums.

-Interview- (7/9/23)